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Systems Integration

Systems Integration

With voice integrated into your Local Area Network, the opportunity to integrate with existing applications is now a reality.

CT Solutions specializes in blending your voice and data networks into a seamless communications platform.

Messaging integration (Unified Messaging) is a common application in today’s environment and CT Solutions was one of the first to implement full voicemail/email synchronization with Google Apps along with the other more common messaging platforms such as Exchange and Lotus Notes.

Providing a single converged messaging location improves productivity by simplifying communications management. 

CRM integration such as screen-pops can be accomplished with practically any database regardless of it being in-house or web-based. Faster access to customer information can mean an increase in productivity which can directly affect your bottom line.

As the focus in communications turns more and more toward smartphones and tablets, integrating your PBX with these devices becomes extremely important.

The ability to activate mobile twinning, or load applications to view presence statuses is now a requirement for many business professionals.

CT Solutions can provide a platform and the expertise to make these solutions a reality for your organization.

CT Solutions is proud to serve the greater Atlanta area as well as Miami, Fl. and its surrounding counties.

For more information about how CT Solutions can assist you, contact us today. 

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