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End User Training

End User Training

As part of the CT Solutions Installation, clients will receive end-user training for all installed systems.

We believe no installation is complete without users who are knowledgeable and equipped to use the systems.

Our trainers will ensure users are aware of all functionality and how to troubleshoot or report issues.

CT Solution Training

Complete training of all end users is included as part of the installation of any new system.

This includes instruction on the proper operation of telephone sets and voice mail.

Training can be done with pre-installation classes using non-working telephone sets, and then post-installation one on one instruction as needed in the days immediately following the installation.

After the installation, a technician and a customer service representative will stay on site to ensure all users are confident with the new system. Your assigned technician will continue to be available for any questions or additional training needed.

Post-installation classes are accomplished by walking each user through telephone use and mailbox set-up on the new working system.

Each class usually includes about ten to twelve users and will normally take about thirty minutes.

CT Solutions is very flexible with training on any new system and will tailor our style to suit each customer’s needs.

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