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Carrier Services

Carrier Services

CT Solution’s carrier services provide customers with access to the top carriers for voice, data, security and cloud services – at the best available rates.

We pride ourselves in giving customers high-quality service in the Atlanta and Miami area.

Our telecom experts do the research for you to ensure you have the right carriers and network solutions for your business’ needs.


If you are looking to get the most benefits for the best price, contact our carrier services team today.

Voice Services

UCaaS & Hosted VoIP

UCaaS is a cloud service that allows unifying your communications.

  • It is easy to manage, requiring less effort. 
  • It is compatible with your company’s CRM.
  • It allows scalability
  • It reduces IT workload. 

Hosted VOIP 

  • Manages calls 
  • Saves companies money from other potential costs in equipment and call management. 
  • You do not need a telecom expert set up the system. 

SIP Trunking: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), a VOIP standard, gives customers more control over call behavior and disaster recovery routing for phone calls and audio conferencing.

  • SIP enables the aggregation of dial tone for multiple sites into one or more centralized locations.
  • It eliminates the costs of separate phone services at each site.

PRIPrimary rate interface, used in conjunction with T1 or Ethernet services enables customers to take advantage of enhanced feature sets such as Direct Inward

Dialing (DID) and advanced call routing.

PRI services offer significant cost savings over traditional analog phone lines for environments requiring multiple concurrent calls. With current carriers, many can leverage SIP functionality while providing PRI signaling.

Data Services

Internet: CT Solutions offers a wide range of internet connectivity options.  DSL, Cable, Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet over Fiber, Satellite, 4G LTE & Fixed Wireless are all methods to access the internet.  Depending on application and availability one access method may provide better than another.  CT Solutions can help you make a decision on an internet provider based on Service Level Agreements, application need & provider availability.

SD-WAN: SD-WAN or Software-Defined Wide Area Network allows customers to leverage multiple internet or MPLS connections to create a single private network and optimize traffic across multiple links. 

Customers are able to leverage lower cost multiple internet links to aggregate bandwidth and provide redundancy to connect multiple sites. 

SD-WAN provides granular traffic control and bandwidth shaping, ensuring WAN links are utilized effectively.

MPLSMPLS securely connects multiple locations with a fully private network utilizing T1 or Ethernet connections. With the ability to prioritize information packets based on application type.

  • MPLS provides a high-performance network that maximizes the performance of VoIP, Video and critical applications

Benefits of CT Solutions Carrier Services

  • Extensive industry expertise and experience with each carrier
  • Carrier neutral. We ensure your service is tailored to your company’s needs. 
  • Custom designed solutions that meet your current needs and provide flexibility for future growth. 
  • Cost reduction resulting from our relationship with carriers and experience in negotiating service rates. 
  • The best of both worlds, the carrier services you need with an advocate for YOUR company, not the carrier

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We also provide carrier expense audits to identify unnecessary service items or outdated pricing structures.

Some, but not all, of the carriers we represent are listed below:

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