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Why the Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit is a Great Purchase for any Organization


A full-duplex conference, the Mitel 5310 IP unit is a great asset for any business communications system. No matter the size of the conference room, it can handle it. Exceptional voice quality, clarity, and no background noise are just a few of the conferencing unit’s amazing features. 

The Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit uses acoustic beamforming technology, meaning that the microphone focuses solely on those speaking, ignoring all background noise and sidebar conversations. 

The unit is sold on its own, with the purpose of being connected to other products such as the Mitel 5235, 5224, 5330, or 5340 phone. Its access to telephone controls makes the Mitel 5310 an essential product for quality conferencing. Check out the wide array of features:

High Quality Conferencing

The 5310 IP Conference Unit can be set to presentation mode, focusing the microphone on one key speaker and allowing those on the receiving end to follow along without disruptive elements. 

The full-duplex operation facilitates fluid conversation. Conference users can seamlessly enter the conversation without interrupting or cutting off the speaker. The 5310 IP Conference Unit has optimal quality for rooms up to 20×30 ft in size.  

The Mitel 5310 IP has integrated LED direction indicators that support your conferencing with visual confirmation that receiving party is hearing your voice. Dual-colored LEDs also indicate which conferencing features are being applied: mute, presentation mode, and/or microphone direction.

Many Functions, One Connection

There’s no hassle when installing the 5310 IP Conference Unit saucer. Simply plug it into the headset and port ports of the Mitel 5224 IP Phone or the conference model of the other Mitel phone models. 

The conference unit is also equipped with multimedia capabilities, thanks to Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing, giving you instant connection to project collaboration sessions with audio, video, or web formats. 

You can also purchase the optional controller to perform the following functions: on, off, mute, volume change, and presentation mode.

The True Value of Conferencing 

Conferencing, whether through web, audio, and video, offers the opportunity to host or attend productive meetings using a computer connected to the internet. Companies of any size can benefit from this, gathering their productive workforce of employees that may not all in one location, especially with the globalized trend of today’s market.

In general terms, conferencing saves time, money, and company resources. Meetings, conferences, and training workshops are increasingly becoming a simple endeavor for most businesses. In a bit, we’ll discuss the many other benefits of conferencing.

Reduced Travel Costs and Time

Before conferencing technology, getting the whole sales team to meet in person with a client that lives in another area meant spending on transportation for the company. Aside from the costs, traveling is time-consuming. 

With conferencing, you’re able to save time and money. In the matter of a few minutes you could exchange ideas with a client, and add as many representatives as you’d like. Keeping your business intact from all parts of the globe is easy because of conferencing. 

Instead of wasting resources on costly airline tickets, then, just invest in conferencing hardware such as the Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit.

More Productivity

Getting a meeting scheduled usually takes more than just sending out a few email invitations. The host has to book conference rooms, set the agenda, and deal with extra errands like catering. The new era of conferencing allows you to set up a productive meeting in a matter of minutes.

Also, exchanging ideas is a breeze. Why travel across various states to discuss potential ideas that could work or fail for just a few hours? The Mitel 5310 IP supports quality idea sharing, keeping a consistent flow of projects and their completion for your business.

Your business also becomes a lot more flexible. Time zones and geographical barriers are easily managed. Various scheduling applications can get both parties on the same timeframe. After that’s all said and done, simply connect to the conferencing unit and begin discussing.

 Competitive Advantage

One of the ways to keep your business competitive in this market is to ensure that your employees stay committed to their job. 

Conferencing stabilizes an employee’s work/life balance. The flexibility offered by conferencing gives your workforce more control over their work days, creating a more positive environment for employee retention.

Considering the compounded benefits mentioned above, conferencing offers an overall competitive advantage. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency are necessary assets for a stable and successful business. Both come practically free by adding conferencing elements to your communications system.

The Bottom Line

If your business hasn’t invested any assets into conferencing, now’s the time. It has been proven that your business can be upscaled just by making these simple and easy changes.

At CT Solutions, we understand the value of quality conferencing, which is why we advocate for the Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit. Not only does this unit provide quality conferencing, its use means increased productivity, stable communications, and securing clients from all over the globe. 

If you’re in the South Florida area, contact us here in order to get your first quotes to make your business more efficient and competitive than ever before.

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