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What Is Mitel Teamwork?


To be able to scale any business today, we need support from tools to accomplish that which is outside of our capacity. Hundreds of people have come up with easy-to-use tools that help us stay connected and be more productive. 

A leading resource to make your business grow exponentially, Mitel focuses on organization, skill, and simplicity. 

Mitel has created such tools as MiCloud Connect, MiCollab, MiTeam Collaboration and more. 

Here you will learn how Mitel Teamwork works and how it can make your business value increase tremendously. This tool makes the employees in your office work better together. 

It empowers everyone that works in your company to maximize their productivity while being anywhere around the world. 

Mitel keeps businesses communicated, linking their data with the right tools to them stay connected from anywhere.

What are the most important attributes this tool can give you?

  1. Dashboard 

    This dashboard works like a control panel, allowing you to get organized by setting, assigning and sharing different tasks with other team members.

  2. Workspaces

    Because this is an online tool that helps you stay connected to your co-workers from anywhere in the world, you have an online workspace instead of a meeting room. 

    You can keep each project in a specific “space” online. You can include those involved in each project to keep tasks streamlined more efficiently. 

  3. File Sharing

    Our data makes our business. It is vital to easily share and transmit files to co-workers. 

    Mitel Teamwork makes file sharing easy and fast. You can quickly upload files onto the workspace for anyone to see.

  4. Tasks

    Organization and planning is what helps us get things DONE. Creating tasks on Mitel teamwork is easy and fast. You can view your entire teams tasks, deadlines and see the progress your team is making on each and every project. 

    Having this information will help you understand the progress of each project and stay on schedule. 

  5. Conferencing

    Calling a team member is as easy as 1-2-3. By hitting a button you can contact any member of your team for a quick call or video conference. Communication made easy.

  6. Messaging / Communication

    The Mitel teamwork space provides increased inter-office communication, with a specific channel to speak to your team and leave messages. They will receive notifications of messages and special mentions.

  7. Mentions

    Although everyone will see the messages you send through project discussions, sometimes you need to speak to a specific person. Maybe you need a design, and you’re waiting on the mock-up. You can easily tag that member of your team to get that to their attention. 

    All these features have become irresistible and helped hundreds of businesses become more efficient. 

The biggest benefits? 

  • Significantly improves productivity

    Organizing and putting all your projects in groups categorized by types and who is involved enhances a team’s efficiency. It helps everyone stay connected and in tune with the status of all tasks. Every team member can easily flow through what needs to get done and understand the progress of each project.

  • Adapts to globalization

    Collaboration has never been easier than today. You can work from anywhere. Mitel teamwork and Micloud support users all over the world. The system:
    1. Is Trustworthy, &
    2. Gives the business communication identity.

 CT solutions is here to provide you with the newest and most efficient ways to communicate within your office and outside of them.

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