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What are the new cloud communication trends?


Cloud computing services are a must-have for companies that are looking to climb the competition ladder and guarantee that security for the organization. Studies have shown that by 2021, investments in cloud communication are going to reach over 300 billion dollars. 

The market buzz for cloud communications is a result of the plethora of products for cloud users and the manner in which they’re being greatly used in organizations. The better the product, the more popular the trend.

Why the need for Cloud Communications?

  • Interconnectivity

    One of the main reasons as to why cloud communications are becoming a necessity for the overall productivity of any organization is that there is a constantly growing need to use interconnected business applications.

    Organizations have realized in order to successfully push through heavy workloads, it’s necessary that there be a successful communication strategy behind it. 

    There’s now a significant emphasis on creating an interconnected business setting so data, whether it be for the co-workers or clients, be clicks away without the need of using various softwares to perform a single task.

  • Security

    Important data is considered a goldmine for any organization. This means that others will go to great lengths to get it, even if it breaches legality. 

    The potential risks associated with hacking or data breaches have made the organization significantly vulnerable in recent years. That being said, data security and encryption is considered to be an essential factor to properly compete with today’s ranks.

The Next Best Cloud Communication Trends

The growth and advances in technology will always continue to flourish. Organizations will constantly find themselves in the need to resort to cloud communication strategies in order to optimize their workflow. The more efficient the functionality and communication, the more goals achieved.

If you own an organization it’s important to know and understand what the upcoming trends are, since this will help you out with reaching success and breaking plateaus. Check out the best cloud trends to put your projects are the top:

  • Hybrid Clouds

    One of the most difficult aspects of migrating to a cloud infrastructure is the transitional process itself. A solution to this problem is the usage of hybrid clouds, which easily allows you to move workloads been private and public clouds, giving you better flexibility for data sharing.

    This separate yet connected infrastructure enables you to run workloads in both clouds at the same time and interchange data between them. This interconnectivity is a key factor for efficient communications within an organization.

  • Automation in the Cloud

    In order to simplify data sharing within the cloud, it is important to implement automation tools that easily move large numbers of workloads between the infrastructures. This is necessary if you work with a complex cloud system because manually managing them is a hassle.

    Cloud automation deals with the processes and tools that an organization uses to minimize the amount of manual work that deals with managing cloud computing workloads. This is applicable to private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

    Automation will enable your organization to efficiently monitor the workloads and streamline your cloud environments unlike ever before.

  • “Cloud-first” Strategies

    If you’re looking to have a more efficient organization and reduce the costs of IT, using a cloud-first strategy is your best bet. This means that organizations look at the cloud-first when considering how applications and projects should be developed. 

    This implies that the IT infrastructure is going to be a thing of the past, now that cloud platforms are taking over and considered to be the base of any organization’s communication’s strategy.

  • 5G Capabilities

    Considering that the usage of the cloud is becoming a standard practiced amongst organizations of all types of industries, the volume of data is going to continue increasing. 

    This is where 5G comes into play. It’s short for fifth-generation cellular network technology; developed to increase speed, decrease latency, and strengthen the overall capacities of wireless services. 

    By adopting 5G networks into the cloud computing industry, the delivery speed of workload will dramatically increase, allowing users to access data in shorter time frames than ever before.

  • Quantum Computing

    It’s been a trending topic within the computing world in recent years and it is currently increasing in importance due to the relevance it’s going to have in many organization’s futures. Quantum computing is in the works to improve artificial intelligence, data security, financial analysis and much more.

    It’s a market that isn’t so popular yet, but its current value is already estimated to be in the billions, so imagine what it’s going to be like in the next five years.

  • The Multi-Cloud

    Now that organizations have the ability to grow at rates faster than ever before, many of them are now prioritizing working with multiple cloud providers for various purposes.

    Whether it be more efficient data recollection or sharing, it’s predicted that using a multi-cloud strategy will be the most optimal option for the cloud using companies.

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