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What Are Mitel’s Most Popular Phone Accessories?


As global leaders in business telecommunications, those at Mitel focus on maintaining a constant focus on amplifying organizations’ business communications arsenals. That’s why they offer a premium range of IP and digital phones, consoles, and conferencing units to support any sized business.

Mitel offers the following range of products:

  • Analog Phones
  • Conference Phones
  • Dect Phones
  • IP Phones
  • Open Solutions Portfolio
  • SIP Phones
  • Wireless Devices

The Power of Mitel Phones

Mitel is a telecommunications company that specializes in selling Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones. VoIP products mean that voice calls are routed through an internet connection rather than a traditional phone line or private third party branch. 

Consider the many advantages below that come to play when switching from conventional communication systems. Alongside that, internet connection continues to become more accessible for many businesses; the switch to VoIP, therefore, is becoming ever more common. 

Here are a few benefits your organization will receive just by making the switch to VoIP:

A Huge Money Saver

The continued use of traditional phone systems also means considering the additional high costs brought by termination rates. The pricing for termination rates on VoIP systems is very competitive amongst voice communications providers. You will save quite a lot and ultimately make better use of revenue with such a system if your business requires frequent calling abroad.

Saving on termination rates is only the beginning; traditional providers require the purchase of hardware and the installation of new lines, extra expenses that don’t occur with VoIP providers. Installation for VoIP is simple, connect to your existing internet infrastructure, and that’s it.

Call Quality

Noticeably clearer, undelayed, and undistorted compared to traditional phone systems, VoIP call quality undoubtedly overshadows its competitors. The only time you may notice problems is if your internet connectivity has some issues as well.

Mobility and  Scalability

VoIP does not restrict you or your organization to its office walls. The ability to connect to various mobile applications supports your businesses’ communication anywhere there’s internet. Expand your network with ease.

Your team is able to be productive on the road at any place and at any time. Not only that, but this also opens up the possibility of quickly expanding your business.

If your business is still using traditional phone systems, then scaling them up with your expanding business is quite a hassle. Limited channels and physical phone lines translate to complications and more expenses.

With VoIP, you won’t have to deal with these problems. It’s inexpensive to add a new team member or client to the system. VoIP grows at the same pace your business does. 

Now that you know…

All of these great products can upscale your organization’s communications plan, which is why many executives also purchase from Mitel’s wide array of phone accessories to increase task efficiency company-wide.

Here’s a list of Mitel’s most popular phone accessories and why they’re great assets for your workflow.

Mitel M680 Module

The Mitel M680 expansion module allows you to program 16 lines with LED indicators. With these lines, you’re able to monitor extensions easily and apply speed dials for various contacts. 

It’s a compact and money-saving addition to the Mitel 6800 Series SIP Phones.  Each key comes with LED labeling, keeping your contact and communications flow organized at all times for all of your important projects.

Mitel Detachable Keyword

A magnetically attachable QWERTY keyboard, the Mitel K680 works well with the compatible Mitel 6867 and 6869 IP Phones. It is powered through the phone, so there’s no need to spend on extra cables or batteries. 

This keyboard allows you to quickly navigate through the many rich features and directories that Mitel Phones have to offer you. 

Mitel Wall Mount

This accessory allows Mitel 6800 Series SIP Phones to be safely mounted on your office walls. It consists of a two-piece slide and lock. It also includes a short Ethernet cable for easy and quick installation. 

Mitel 48V AC Power Supply

It is always handy to keep an extra power supply around for your Mitel IP Phones. If one stops working, you could easily take a new one out of the package and continue with your productivity. 

One of the essential elements of a business is consistent communication, so we highly recommend that you invest in a power supply just in case of the unexpected. 

Mitel Compatible Headsets

Headsets are an essential add-on to your productivity. Multitasking becomes a lot easier when you’re able to communicate with coworkers and clients hands-free. Of course, all Mitel IP Phones come with speaker mode, but you may want to keep specific details of your conversation to yourself, which is why getting a Mitel-compatible headset is your best bet. 

The Bottom Line

Mitel IP Phones maintain constant productivity and steady growth in your business. If you’re into working hard, it’s obvious that you’d want to avoid any unnecessary discomforts. Invest in the wide array of Mitel IP Phone accessories so your productivity can skyrocket.

CT Solutions is well aware of the importance of business communications and an organization’s productivity. That’s why we’re proud of providing Mitel products to the Atlanta area. Access our online store to suit your communication needs.

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