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What are Business Phone Systems used for?


Business phone systems are a must-have to drastically improve communications with small and large businesses. These types of phones are made to handle business-oriented factors that normal communications platforms cannot, such as customer service calls and routing to other phone lines.

In order to understand how business phone systems are generally used, we’ve briefly explained the most beneficial features:

  1. The most common feature is the use of multiple lines in order to speak with several customers simultaneously. You can also have multiple callers on a single line, allowing for conference calls with clients or remote employees.

  2. In a business setting, it can be increasingly difficult to answer all calls due to time constraints or availability. Voicemail features store messages even if you’re not in the office.

  3. Automated features answer the call for you or direct callers to a specific extension. Hold music or messages play to remind the caller that the line is still active.

The Different Types of Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems are a great asset to improving the communications dynamics within a small or large organization. The common systems are known as multi-line, VoIP, PBX, and Cloud-based phone systems. 

These systems vary based on their use, cost, and service provider. Most functions of communication systems can be found in all of these options, but the cost varies depending on just how much bang you want to get for your buck.

Multi-line Phone Systems

These sort of phone systems allow you to have multiple lines going through one unit, enabling you to answer phone calls or send them to voicemail. These systems are considered to be the most basic for business endeavors, so they’re ideal for smaller businesses.

Before purchasing multi-line phone systems, it is recommended that you consider how many lines you need to support and the amount of users within your business system. Planning will prevent you from paying more than you need. It is best to protect the future of your company, so maybe a little extra isn’t so bad.

This system is essential for any small business that needs efficient communication. It’s perfect for staying in touch with customers and keeping constant communication in order to properly expand your business.

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems function by using broadband internet connections and not traditional phone lines. These systems give your business an advantage over competition in terms of your communications standards— given that they offer ease of installation, scalability, and reasonable pricing. 

These characteristics also apply to the system’s advanced features, such as a virtual receptionist and direct connection to your employees’ cell phones with the use of a mobile application.

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. In layman’s terms, VoIPs allow you to answer various calls simultaneously with ease. When looking for these systems to implement within small businesses, it is recommended that you purchase those which are able to easily integrate with other systems in your business. 

Specifically look for integrations connected with CRM (customer relationship manager) softwares. Make sure to have a speedy internet connection, as it’s a must for this system’s efficiency.

PBX Phone Systems

PBX, or private brand exchange can be simply defined as a private phone network for your business. It routes calls to the business’ communication lines,  provides call holding, forwards callers to extensions, and allows conference calls for business endeavors. 

PBX phone systems are more centralized multi-line communications systems than standard alternatives. These systems open on a Cloud server and implement VoIP calls, thus they are very scalable and a lot more cost-effective in the long run of your business.

Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud phone systems take your communications infrastructure to a virtual setting, saving space within your office and lowering costs. 

They save you time and money, since PBX systems and VoIP systems can be hosted on a Cloud. Other advantages include not worrying about maintenance since it is hosted on a third-party and easy scalability.

Find a Business Phone System that suits your needs

Now that you know what these systems are all about, it is best that you deepen your research to actually see which is suitable for the growth of your business. Figure out which features benefit your company the most, but also see what easiest best for the customers depending on your specific industry.

Efficient communication amongst employees and pleasing the customers is what truly matters.

Business Phone Systems are a basic necessity in any enterprise today. 

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