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The Essential Mitel Phone User Guide


The Mitel IP phone series is one of the best communications systems available for businesses today. It offers voice over IP (VoIP) technology to all their IP series, which means there is a perfect console for every business type and size.

The Mitel IP phone series is a cost-effective and efficient console. It consumes less power, which will save money and time for your business endeavors. Mitel has developed an excellent all-around business console; it will serve not only for phone calls but will be an information and communications center right at your fingertips. Mitel has built a powerful console that helps be more productive, efficient, and enhance customer and colleague interaction.

When you combine these features with the web-based services that Mitel offers, it provides the user with the ability to enhance and update the phone while being able to run diagnostics on the same console. This means less downtime and more productivity across the board. Mitel will become a business’ unified communications console.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features and specs that come with a Mitel IP phone console.


The Mitel IP phone series works with a desktop toolset that allows you to learn about an application, run diagnostics, update the console, as well as display information instantly to help you satisfy whichever necessity you may need.

Productivity / Efficiency

This series of consoles will become your business’s most productive, efficient, and versatile communications ally in the market today. Because of its versatility, numerous features, and applications, it will help you save money and time, as well as enhance the user and customer service experience.

Clear Two-Way Audio

Thanks to wideband technology that the Mitel IP phone employs, you can have the superior acoustics two-way audio in the market. Adding to the wideband technology is the speakerphone, which provides a complete, handsfree, uninterrupted tool that allows for more multitasking and better efficiency.


No Strings Attached

Multitasking, efficiency, and productivity seem to be some of the most important attributes an employee can have today. Given our busy lives and the many roles we play between work, family, and friends, we are always looking for the best way to make our days last longer and be more productive. Mitel IP has several ways of going wireless. Their most advanced models in the 6900 series have wireless handsets, while other models also have a wireless headset accessory. You can be mobile at work without any restrictions. This means more time to dedicate to your customers, employees, and colleagues. Mitel’s IP phone accessories are remarkably efficient and productive, so it’s unsurprising they won a leading technology award.


Adaptability is the name of the game when we are talking about the Mitel IP phone series, as its numerous accessories, applications, and preset functions make it built for the future. Mitel IP phone series is an investment in technology, production, and the future of your business. Its versatility allows the phone to be continuously updated, and new applications can be added. It can genuinely be made the perfect console for each market.

Technical Features

  • Huge backlit screen with automated dimming function.
  • Wideband integrated technology.
  • Over 20 fully customizable keys allow the user to easily navigate (for speed dialing, line switches, feature access, and others) through the phone’s various applications with one-touch access.
  • Voicemail access – ample message notification.
  • Three preset intuitive access keys (faster access).
  • Mitel applications and customer support.
  • Thirteen pre-fixed keys, which include functions such as settings, mute, transfer, hold, redial, volume, as well as other features.
  • Inserted Gigabit ethernet ports.
  • Six additional characters for intuitive access.
  • Handsfree top of the built-in line speakerphone.
  • 48 fully customizable keys, to make your Mitel 5340 IP your best ally.
  • Fully immersive menu options, which not only takes you from one function to another, but it allows you to customize and move certain features around to better suit your needs.
  • A web-based application to manage and customize your console faster.
  • 7-inch colored fully interactive touch screen.

When looking for the best way to bring innovation, problem-solving, and efficiency into your business, look no further than the Mitel IP phone series. There is a console for any particular skill set you may be looking for.

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