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Productivity Features on the Mitel 5312


The Mitel 5312 is a dual-mode adaptable, instinctual, and high-end speakerphone that has a full-blown display. The interactive display is packed with over 35 buttons, which allow the user to handle the phone and its various applications with ease. The combination of the MITEL IP software allows the phone to be used for simple calls, as well as other more elaborated commands and applications. Personalizing is easy and encouraged with easy-to-use commands as well as a web-based configuring software.


The Mitel 5312 includes all the traditional and innovative features, such as lit display, fully customizable display, which includes over 35+ buttons. It is an excellent choice for any business, especially customer service, technical support, sales, and telemarketers, among others.

When combined with Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced or the Express, the Mitel 5312 Phone expedites the communications between business and people, which means more productivity all around, less wasted time, better customer service experience, and better internal communications.


Some of the features included in the Mitel 5312 include:


  • Over ten (10+) diverse programmable characters with LED illumination, allowing for faster dialing and more distinguishable buttons.
  • Auto-dimmed backlit graphic display, which fits over 20+ characters per line.
  • Numerous command keys, which include traditional options like mute, call transfer and conference, redialing options, messaging, and a more detailed menu.
  • Web-based software, allowing for easier access to the telephone mainframe.
  • 100% speakerphone.
  • Voicemail access and personalized setup.
  • Conference calls and the ability to combine existing conference calls.
  • An integrated software called Automatic call distribution, with full-on customer service support.
  • Support directly from the Mitel Teleworker Solution.
  • Support structure to help adjust the position.
  • Faster calling time (also known as speed calling).
  • Call forwarding service.
  • Call transfer.
  • Redial, last number+
  • Do not disturb option, to be able to block out outside noise.
  • Customizable answering service plus predetermined answerback.
  • Paging option.
  • Handset that is 100% compatible with several hearing aids.
  • Customizable panel.
  • Both SIP and MiNet support.
  • Ethernet support.
  • Adaptable to be wall-mounted.
  • Backward compatible with previous versions of the Mitel phones.
  • Power saving design, which saves energy and money.
  • Easy installation: just plug in the phone to an existing Ethernet port, and you are ready to go.


The Mitel 5312 Phone


Mitel is a telecommunications group that specializes in producing and selling VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phones. This means that the calls are channeled using internet connection, instead of the traditional phone lines.


The advantages when using a Mitel phone are significant: the use of VoIP technology allows the user to have a faster, easier connection, as well as more customization options.


Other key features


Termination rates: if you are not aware of this term, you should be. Phone services have three major components; one of them is the aforementioned termination rate, which is the most variable of all the elements (usually this variation works against the user). By switching to the Mitel 5312, you will obtain the fairest rates when it comes to termination rates. VoIP provides this advantage by utilizing more updated and more trackable measures online.

If you have numerous international costs, then you will see a reduction in the overall communications bill.

The implementation of the VoIP software also drastically improves call quality by providing a more precise, uninterrupted connection with reduced lagging. One of the most significant advantages of VoIP is the adaptability it gives, allowing the users to work remotely, as long as they have a working and stable internet connection. So now that you have no restrictions, feel free to grow your business and take it wherever you desire. VoIP allows you to grow organically; it will grow together with your business. VoIP enables you to have the flexibility to expand and manage your team from anywhere at any time.

The Mitel Experience

The use of the Mitel 5312 will make your job more comfortable, and we have already explored most of the features that will allow you to grow and sustain your business. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the often-overlooked features that can make a difference in the day-to-day.

Mitel 5312 adaptability

The Mitel 5312 has a back support that allows it to adjust the screen and overall phone placement. It also comes with a wall mount that is easily installed, and it includes an ethernet

port for easier access. Now, this may sound a bit mundane, but this is just one of the features that you do not realize you need until you do not have it.

When you are multitasking, being able to go handsfree allows you to take on more things at once while still being productive. We are not talking about the fantastic speakerphone system that already comes with the phone; we are talking about Mitel-compatible headsets. This will enable you to serve your customers better while having a conversation with them as well as providing the extra privacy that speakerphones do not offer. Mitel phones are amazing, and the 5312 is a welcome addition.

Mitel 5312 will be vital to the growth of your business. It will increase productivity while reducing costs left and right. Some of the best features that a Mitel phone can provide is its wide array of adaptable add-ons, which will allow you and your employees to be more productive while wasting less time and money.

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