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IP Phones in Miami Are Helping COVID-19 Affected Businesses Survive


Miami is an ever-evolving community and one of the most diverse cities in all of the United States. It is no doubt that Miami, as a cultural melting pot, has ingrained in its DNA the qualities of being acceptive and appreciative of change.

It is not surprising that Miami is taking drastic steps to combat the virus affecting the United States and the rest of the world. Just as Miami accepts all cultures and ways of living, the city is looking into alternative strategies to help survive these trying times.

The tool that almost all members of the community used as a means of communication, as an accessory, as a game platform, and as an extension of ourselves has evolved to become even more essential to their livelihoods.

Smartphones have become the go-to-tool in these harsh times, and its use has evolved to be more than just a recreational accessory. Now, smartphones are more than an escape and way to communicate with our loved ones — they have become a lifeline for businesses. It is the main reason a good portion of the companies can stay afloat and operate.

So as we name several benefits and facts that will help businesses survive in these trying times, we must mention that this goes beyond business operations. It is about those who make these companies run day after day to put food on their family’s tables.

Miami relies heavily on a large number of small and medium-sized companies that have been struggling to keep the community going due to the lockdowns. Some of these businesses had already made the transition to cloud communications, although they were not using its full potential, while others were relying on traditional communications services.

But the current situations changed everything in a heartbeat, and now if you are not using cloud communications and working remotely, then you, unfortunately, may experience hardship.

Although the lockdowns are no one’s direct fault, the fact remains that if you don’t glean away any lessons from this situation, then that is the real failure. As a society, Miami, the USA, and the world have been forced to appreciate and embrace the ability to work remotely and the advantages that come with this.

One of the main advantages is that smartphones have become home offices. By using cloud services like that provided by Mitel communications and their web-based MiCollab application, you will have uninterrupted remote access from anywhere in the world. All you need is a steady internet connection, and you are ready to go. Some of the services include the following:

  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Conferences
  • Access to databases
  • Cloud storage services

These are just some of the services that can be enjoyed by using a cloud communication service. But it is much more than that, especially for a small business. It provides small and medium-sized companies the ability to compete and be relevant, even against the more prominent corporations. Right off the bat, your costs are significantly reduced by eliminating phone bills and reducing overhead costs and space.

Flexibility is the name of the game, and smartphones with cloud technology are the most flexible accessories on the market. Your phone can be the central console, where you feed information to a tablet, smart TV, and your laptop or desktop.

Another benefit that is often overshadowed is that this pandemic is forcing us to move more in a digital direction. So this time can be used as the ultimate training ground, where you learn and get familiar with cloud technology and how it can and will help you grow your business. 

If you were worried about spending money on the latest version of your favorite smartphone, sweat no more. The value of all smartphones has risen exponentially, and not just in a financial way, but in a “we need it to survive” kind of way. 

After all, we are all in this together. Just as we would wait for the new smartphone to drop or the latest piece of technology to be revealed, we must learn how to use our phones and other accessories to make our lives better simplified.

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