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Do Cloud Communications Help Business Security?


One of the biggest question marks that came up with businesses when Cloud Technology came into the scene and made some users hesitant was security. 

Everyone loved the hassle-free experience. No cables, its scalability, simple mobility, less expensive and faster access to both clients and team members within the company. These traits really got everyone’s attention. 

But, concerns did arise when wondering how secure this technology truly was. As a business, they had to make sure their data and the protection and security of their clients was ensured making some companies uneasy about taking this new direction in communications. 

To this day, many institutions have not fully embraced the potential of cloud technology because they fear getting tracked back to regulations and security. 

Even though Cloud Communications have only improved as time goes by, some believe that this type of business communication is not as secure have PBX systems installed in office. 

Be as it may be, cloud communications can be extremely secure if you can guarantee to get the correct system and do your prior analysis.

Here are 5 things to take into consideration:

  1. Do you as a business have control?

    To have the best security system in place you need two things. First, a great cloud communications provider like Mitel and the company that is being serviced must also implement certain actions to make sure this is a top priority.

  2. Is your data hub secure?

    It’s easy to come into thinking that having your information on a cloud is like having it up in the sky where anyone can have easy access. Although it is true that it is in a “cloud” your security and the protection of your data is a very high priority to your vendor. Companies like Mitel, take data security very seriously and make it a priority when taking your company as a client. 

    Credible providers should be able to demonstrate that your hub is secure and private.

  3. Is all your data encrypted?

    One of the most common and intelligent was to keep your information safe is to encrypt anything that may pass through your cloud. This means that anything and everything that goes through the cloud needs to go through some type of security to grant access. 

    So if anyone tries to hack, or crack into your information they would not be able to access the data without certain permission.

  4. How Powerful is your network security?

    When analyzing the security measures with your provider, make sure to go over all the solutions that can be put into place to hinder any kind of cyber attack on your communication or stored data. 

    Many networks have designed certain protections to defend you against any type of hacker giving you and your clients tranquility. 

  5. Are you guarded against fraud?

    Fraud has always been a concern for companies ever since the PBX system came into existence. When choosing your provider, talk to them about the different strategies that are being put in place to avoid these types of circumstances. 

    Things your provider may do is to continually monitor your communications to watch out for any fraud indicators or unusual activity. 

    API’s can also be built onto the cloud for communication strategies for protection against fraud. APIs help developers to create deeper integrations between the business applications users access each day.

    CT Solutions covers the Miami area and we are able to provide good service and features that will and can offer your business security and protection against any type of cyber attack. 


    We take communications very seriously as should you. 

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