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7 Questions All Businesses Ask About Hosted VoIP Systems


Mitel provides small businesses with an accessible way to deliver high levels of experience and professionalism to their clients for many years. 

They have managed to provide simple yet sophisticated ways to get in touch with customers. Decades ago, this type of client to provider communication was much more of a hassle. It was a financial sacrifice, time-consuming and used up unnecessary office space. 

We jump to today, and that has all changed. 

Although the way we communicate in business has been radically altered, we still haven’t gotten any formal instructions on how this genuinely operates, so when looking for a hosted VOIP system, questions that arise should be clarified before stepping into this new online world. 

Here are the top 7 questions asked by other clients who have also gone through the process of installing a hosted VOIP system: 

Is it difficult to understand how the hosted VOIP system works?

Although the name sounds hefty, it is a very friendly platform. Using this system requires limited time and money. Mitel’s service providers are one call away for any unexpected situations or even simple questions on how to improve your usage of the system. 

It is easy to use for any employee and truly enhances productivity in and out of the workspace. 

Is this scalable? What if my business begins to expand?

Part of the wonders of using this system is how easy it is to scale. You can move to any location in the world without having to go through the nuisance of change. There is no hardware involved, just a high-speed internet connection. 

You can grow your team, and adding a new user can only take up a few minutes. You can have any member of the workforce from anywhere in the world. 

Globalization is here to stay, and we not only support it, but we are also trying to make it simpler and convenient for any business not to fall back. Whether you have 300 employees or 5, this applies to you. 

Am I genuinely saving when using this system?

One of the main reasons the hosted VOIP system has become popular is not only for the communication issues it has improved, but because it has made it possible for ANY business owner to use and apply. 

Why? Because investment is affordable. Many years ago, only large businesses were able to offer a top of the line communication relationships within their headquarters and with their customers. 

Fast-forward 15 years later, and now anyone can provide a fantastic brand-client experience.

Apart from all the hardware and installation costs that you do not need to invest in, small things like being able to add this “application” on your employee’s phones are an unseen saving. 

Removing the necessity of office space for many employees cuts hidden costs in both rent, electricity, and water. 

Being able to integrate it with your CRM can also present as indirect savings and headaches.

Providing excellent communication and improving your client’s experience boosts sales; it’s not a way to save, but it is a way of generating more income. 

Is there any equipment involved?

With on-premise systems, you need both phones and hardware to be able to install the system. What shocks older organizations is that your MAIN “resource” is having a great internet connection. 

Hiring a trustworthy internet provider has become fundamental for the hosted VOIP system to run smoothly. 

Other than this, you need for employees to have computers and smartphones, which again, all employees need their business computers and who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays?

Who can I go to in case I need someone to attend my concerns?

When choosing your hosted VOIP system provider, it is essential to take into consideration who will be there when you need someone to rescue you. At CT Solutions and MITEL, we have a team of specialists put in place to attend to any needs that may come up along the way. 

We service businesses in South Florida and the Miami area. You can count on us to deliver the highest-quality customer care. 

Part of speedy growth is counting on the support you need to keep the ball moving. 

Does using this business phone system honestly give clients an excellent first impression?

Like any organization, small businesses are very much looking to give a great first impression. One of the human necessities is to feel acknowledged and heard. So If we should apply this to anyone, it’s our customers. 

When you feel taken care of or heard, in a genuine way, you feel “loved,” and when someone makes you feel good, you brag about it. 

It is the same as providing a comfortable experience for the client if they need to address a concern, and it is simple to get in contact with someone, and that person solves their issues. The probability of “customer satisfaction” is very high. 

How can I get the most out of my business phone system?

There is a myriad of features offered by this phone system, and the more aware you are of what it provides, the better use you will put into it.

Look at it as your iPhone. These smartphones offer more and more features with every update they get, some of us only use the camera, text messages, and facetime. Imagine using all the tools they provide; you would be shocked at how practical and how much more you would get done if you put them all to good use. 

The features that have brought other small businesses the most significant returns are chat, screen sharing, conference calling, and video conferences. 

Every organization is unique and has its necessities. Know what they are, and talk to your provider to see how it can adapt to you. 

At CT Solutions, we work hard every day to provide you the best quality service and communication options for your business. 

Please contact us if you are in the South Florida or Miami area to see how we can help your business grow.

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