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The Optimal Voice Over IP System for a Small Business


Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP as it is widely called, has established itself as a staple of growing business around the world. It has become so essential to small and medium-sized companies because of the numerous advantages and the flexibility it provides.

Some of the most notable advantages of using VoIP software for business are the following:

Reduction of Costs

It allows companies to have their employees work remotely, therefore reducing overhead costs. Also, there is no more need for landlines, which provides direct savings that can help the bottom line.


No matter the size or nature of your business, with VoIP, you can be connected anywhere you are and at all times if needed. Again, the ability to work remotely without missing a beat is a wanted addition to most, if not all, growing businesses.

Accessibility and multitasking go hand in hand with flexibility, as this technology allow its users to work and focus on more things at the same time, all while having access from anywhere they are. Additionally, the add-ons available by using VoIP come at no extra costs, ensuring it can be adapted to whatever business you are running.

So, VoIP is an essential tool for a growing business, but what other advantages can this software provide, or how can it be enhanced? Great question! When you combine VoIP with the existing technology and firmware supplied by the Mitel phone systems, the impact is exponential. 

Mitel Phone Systems

Mitel is a communications company that has been on the driving edge of technology for over 40 years. They have been helping businesses connect with their customers to provide a better and more in-depth service. They have also revolutionized the way companies communicate internally, creating a smooth and accessible system that can be modified for each type of user. Today, Mitel consoles are used in over 100 countries and have more than 65 million users.

Innovation is a core value for Mitel, and it has been their driving force, providing them the opportunity to become leading experts in the world of communications. Being so ingrained in innovation allows their team to evolve with the times to better understand and serve the needs of their customers and employees.

Mitel is excellent at communicating, as we have clearly demonstrated, but what makes them better than the competition? Mitel provides daily assistance to help you navigate the numerous applications and features at your disposal so that you are connected to your customers 24/7. Mitel’s primary focus is to make sure that your communications are second to none, that you are always ready for what may come.

When we combine the advantages we just mentioned of the Mitel phones with the benefits of the VoIP system, it is no doubt this is a perfect match. They both compliment each other while adding essential features that enhance each other’s performance.

The tools available at the tips of your hands with the Mitel phone systems are industry-leading; if we combine them with the flexibility and accessibility of the VoIP technology, the reach is endless.

Here are some of the best features available with the Mitel IP Phone systems:

  • Huge backlit screen with automated dimming function
  • Wideband integrated technology
  • Over 20 fully customizable keys allow the user to easily navigate (for speed dialing, line switches, feature access, and others) through the phone’s various applications with one-touch access.
  • Voicemail access with ample message notification
  • Three preset intuitive access keys (faster access)
  • Mitel applications and customer support
  • Thirteen pre-fixed keys, which include functions such as settings, mute, transfer, hold, redial, volume, as well as other features.
  • Inserted Gigabit ethernet ports
  • Six additional characters for intuitive access
  • Handsfree top of the built-in line speakerphone
  • 48 fully customizable keys, to make your Mitel 5340 IP your best ally
  • Fully immersive menu options, which not only takes you from one function to another, but allows you to customize and move certain features around to better suit your needs
  • Web-based application to manage and customize your console faster
  • 7-inch colored fully interactive touch screen

When looking for the best way to bring innovation, problem-solving, and efficiency into your business, look no further than the Mitel IP phone series. There is a console for any particular skill set you may be looking for. Just imagine the reach and exposure you can have by using a Mitel phone system with the VoIP technology; there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

The name of the game is connectivity, and this team of Mitel with VoIP is industry-leading. It can meet any needs that your business might have as well as exceed it, all while reducing costs, improving efficiency, and providing you and your team with a better tool to serve your customers.

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